About KJ Tunes

DJ Ken Souza 
has years of experience in audio, video and digital media. He first began DJ-ing while still a teen-ager for CYO Dances back in the late 1970s, using the name “Ace DJ,” spinning vinyl 45s — remember those? — and albums in his parish hall.


In the 1980s he graduated to CDs and a state-of-the-art sound system when he worked as a founding member of the “Spectrum Sound” DJ team — one of the most sought-after and popular disc jockey businesses in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While working for Spectrum Sound, he also was manager of the audio and video department at the former Save-Rite retail store in Fall River, Mass.

After nearly a decade with Spectrum Sound, he gravitated toward film and video production and taught a Video Production course at Bristol Community College for more than 15 years. While there he produced numerous projects including an hour-long documentary on the infamous Lizzie Borden case titled Lizzie Borden: A Century of Fascination.

Even though his full-time career path veered off into teaching and journalism, Ken’s lifelong obsession with technology has never waned and he continues to keep up with the latest advancements in audio and video technology. In recent years he’s written reviews and assessments of high-definition software (Blu-rays, HD-DVDs) for DVD File and has also contributed to other websites and magazines. He has also consulted on building audio systems and worked as a sound engineer for live rock bands.

Although he currently works full-time for The Anchor, the weekly Catholic newspaper of the Fall River Diocese, user-friendly advancements in computer-based DJ and Karaoke software (not to mention the vocal talents of his nieces and nephews) were encouragement enough for him to return to his first love: providing music and entertainment for local venues and gatherings via the newly-formed KJ Tunes.

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